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I Did NOT Get Engaged This Valentine's Day

I did NOT get engaged this Valentine's Day, but I did get engaged another Valentine's Day...and am single. I have spent my share of Valentine's Day alone and/or sad but no longer.

The Power of the Imperfect Man

To my surprise, Ricky only spoke about ten minutes of the entire Christmas program, but he still delivered a powerful message to me.

SO It's Christmas...Be a Gift

For the past few years, I have struggled with having the "Christmas spirit". I have longed for the excitement that I used to have as a child or at least what I felt five years ago when I hosted my family (my grandmother, her twins including…

2 Key Ways to Make the Most of these Last 2 Months

Take this opportunity to think about what you really wanted to get done in 2016.

Alicia Keys, Make-up, and Me

"Be yourself. Do what makes you feel good. Stop trying to please every damn body."

Put it into Perspective

When you think about what others are going through, it really puts your "challenges" into perspective. Tonight I spoke to my friend, one of the sweetest women I know. We had not talked in a while, and I forgot she lived in Baton Rouge. When…

Just Maybe the Real Fix is Easier, Faster, and Better than the "Quick" Fix

The house was a foreclosure so I got a great deal on it, but it's about the same age as me. In this house, I (personally) have painted, helped lay tile, fixed or attempted to fix plumbing (toilets...all three, kitchen sink...several times, washer/dryer), help to remove squirrels both dead and newborn, replaced locks and even doors, killed insects...lot of spiders, and much more.

But it's SO Hard to Understand

Hurt is an understatement of how if feels when people you love or people who can do harm to you don't understand you or your situation. You can't control anyone else, and you can't make anyone listen, like you, relate, or even care. But you can control you. And you can try to be a more understanding person. I'm crazy enough to believe that eventually the understanding will be returned to you.