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College students are looking for fun, friends, self-discovery, and success, but they face many obstacles and challenges on their journey. As the professor of the Life Skills course, based on her memoir, that she created for her alma mater, Summer speaks Life and Leadership, Struggle and Success to students across the country. Summer’s own college leadership experience included sorority life, new student orientation, student activities council and much more. She graduated magna cum laude and was named Miss University of Memphis. Using her experience as a very active student leader while interning, being a young mother, and excelling academically, she motivates and educates students to do more and to do their best regardless of the challenges they face.


• College Retention/Completion
• Leadership and Involvement
• Women’s Issues and Empowerment
• New Student Orientation/First Year Experience
• Self-esteem
• Sorority and Fraternity
• Motivation and Inspiration
• Networking
• Time Management

“Having Summer Owens speak at the University of North Texas was an amazing experience. Students were so engaged and wanted to know more. I was so surprised when even our male students took an active role in the question and answer session. Students still to this date have positive words to express about the Life After Birth with speaker Summer Owens program. I will definitely invite her back again.”

Tonya M. Riley
Coordinator of Orientation and Transition Programs
University of North Texas

“The book was so emotional for me that I could only read one chapter at a time and sometimes I cried through it. One of my students couldn't put it down so she stayed up one night until she had finished reading the whole book. It was a very inspiring experience to read about the way Summer turned things from what could have been negative to a very positive experience. I am still in awe every time I hear her speak knowing what she has accomplished in her short life and the inspiration that she is to many, many others."

Pat Anderson
Southwest Community College

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