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Teen parents and single parents face unique challenges that only other teen and single parents can truly understand. From helping their kids with school and wanting more education for themselves to their kids wanting to play or talk when they just want (or need) to sleep, parenting is the hardest job in the world. And it is exponentially tougher when you’re doing it alone. After nearly twenty-two years of being a mother since she was fifteen, Summer shares valuable lessons she learned on how to live, love, survive and thrive as a single parent.


• Self-esteem
• Leadership
• Support systems
• Relationships
• Time Management
• Motivation and Inspiration


“I read Life After Birth, and I learned from Summer's personal story that truly you can succeed at whatever you determine that you will do. I have heard it said before, "That which you think about, you bring about." After working with some teen moms in the past and reading this book, I decided to make it my goal to reach out to teen moms at a local high school in my area. I was able to use this book and the curriculum that accompanies it to do a 'book study' with the teen moms. I was able to witness them be inspired by someone whom they could relate to in so many ways and apply the positive, yet difficult choices that Summer made to their own lives. I can say that this book has made a difference in my personal life as well as for the young ladies I have worked with.”

Meghan Larson
Jackson Madison County School System Social Worker

“Summer Owens has been such an inspiration to our students at The Adolescent Parenting Program. Not only has she reached in to mentor a teen parent in our program, but she has also spoken to our young ladies on several occasions about staying encouraged and continuing to move forward in life. During the 2011 school year, Summer continued her work with our students by facilitating a workshop with some of our students using her Life After Birth curriculum. The students left the workshop even more inspired and committed to being the best teen parents they can be! Summer’s transparency and candid conversations about her personal obstacles and achievements make her a jewel to students. They feel comfortable opening up, sharing and taking in the advice she gives. We are forever grateful for the support she gives our students.”

Ebony Suggs
Professional School Counselor, Adolescent Parenting Program, Memphis, TN

"When I first met Summer, I knew she was a very special young women. After reading her book and hearing her speak to teenage mothers and fathers, I am convinced that God has placed her in this position to be a guiding light to teens who find themselves as parents or on the verge of becoming parents. I have seen the eyes of young mothers light up with hope and inspiration when she describes all that she has accomplished both professionally and personally. I encourage all teen parents to use Life After Birth, A Memoir of Survival and Success as a Teenage Mother as a valuable source of information, encouragement, and inspiration as they navigate through the journey of teen parenthood. May God continue to bless you Summer!"

Dr. Jara Best

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