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Youth struggle with being accepted and fitting in and are hindered emotionally and academically when they don't. They face potentially life-altering decisions every day and often do not understand the consequences of their choices. Summer faced self-esteem challenges and bullying that contributed to her becoming a teen mother and making other bad choices, but she graduated with honors, was named Most Likely to Succeed, and earned a full leadership scholarship to college. Her talks teach the impact of choices, the power in not being like everyone else, how to stand out in a positive way, and how our choices affect our future.


  • Self-esteem
  • Leadership and Involvement
  • The impact of friends
  • College and Career Readiness
  • Abstinence, sex, STD’s, and Teen Pregnancy
  • Decision-making
  • Character development
  • Motivation and Inspiration

“As I read the first few chapters of her book, I was in tears—literally and at the same time I started thinking about all the great possibilities! I could use the content of the book as a resource to support my counseling program and support teachers with the Common Core State Standards using the data gained from forming a 5th grade girls book club. Not only is Life After Birth an excellent source for teaching self-esteem, giving, self-motivation, and goal setting lessons, but it’s so rich with vocabulary, language arts lessons and crossing the curriculum using math and social studies lessons. When Summer spoke to the students at the end of the semester, they felt like they knew her---they actually did. They knew her personal struggles, how she persevered no matter what, and all that she accomplished, even with a child. They had conversations about how they will handle negative situations and how not to “get caught up”. It was a powerful experience for the girls to actually meet an author and not just an author but a female African American author who is using her life to truly help others."

S. Chatman
Memphis City Schools, Professional School Counselor

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