See why children, men and women from schools, churches, community programs, and elsewhere want to read Life After Birth and hear Summer Owens share her life-changing testimony and use her life to teach on a multitude of topics.

» Praise for Summer Owens

“Having Summer Owens speak at the University of North Texas was an amazing experience. Students were so engaged and wanted to know more. I was so surprised when even our male students took an active role in the question and answer session. Students still to this date have positive words to express about the Life After Birth with speaker Summer Owens program. I will definitely invite her back again.”
Tonya M. Riley,
Coordinator of Orientation and Transition Programs, University of North Texas


“I read Life After Birth, and I learned from Summer's personal story that truly you can succeed at whatever you determine that you will do. I have heard it said before, "That which you think about, you bring about." After working with some teen moms in the past and reading this book, I decided to make it my goal to reach out to teen moms at a local high school in my area. I was able to use this book and the curriculum that accompanies it to do a 'book study' with the teen moms. I was able to witness them be inspired by someone whom they could relate to in so many ways and apply the positive, yet difficult choices that Summer made to their own lives. I can say that this book has made a difference in my personal life as well as for the young ladies I have worked with.”
Meghan Larson, Jackson Madison County School System Social Worker

“The book was so emotional for me that I could only read one chapter at a time and sometimes I cried through it. One of my students couldn't put it down so she stayed up one night until she had finished reading the whole book. It was a very inspiring experience to read about the way Summer turned things from what could have been negative to a very positive experience. I am still in awe every time I hear her speak knowing what she has accomplished in her short life and the inspiration that she is to many, many others. She has been such a wonderful parent to her son Jaylan and he is growing up to be a very fine young man. Continue speaking out for our teen moms and giving them a voice when otherwise they might not have one.”
Pat Anderson, Southwest Community College

“Summer Owens has been such an inspiration to our students at The Adolescent Parenting Program. Not only has she reached in to mentor a teen parent in our program, but she has also spoken to our young ladies on several occasions about staying encouraged and continuing to move forward in life. During the 2011 school year, Summer continued her work with our students by facilitating a workshop with some of our students using her Life After Birth curriculum. The students left the workshop even more inspired and committed to being the best teen parents they can be! Summer’s transparency and candid conversations about her personal obstacles and achievements make her a jewel to students. They feel comfortable opening up, sharing and taking in the advice she gives. We are forever grateful for the support she gives our students.”
Ebony Suggs, Professional School Counselor, Adolescent Parenting Program, Memphis, TN

Summer said something to me so simple yet powerful—“One thing I’ve learned is that things happen by making connections.” I had no idea when I got Life After Birth from a mutual friend of Summer’s and I that I would be blown away. As I read the first few chapters, I was in tears—literally and at the same time I started thinking about all the great possibilities! I could use the content of the book as a resource to support my counseling program and support teachers with the upcoming Common Core State Standards using the data gained from forming a 5th grade girls book club. Not only is Life After Birth an excellent source for teaching self-esteem, giving, self-motivation, and goal setting lessons, but it’s so rich with vocabulary, language arts lessons and crossing the curriculum using math and social studies lessons. I shared the book with my colleagues to make sure it was age appropriate. They said yes—“If you think they are too young---now is the time, especially when girls start going through puberty changes.” I scheduled a meeting with the parents to discuss content and curriculum of “Life After Birth”. All parents agreed to the wealth of information and knowledge their girls could gain from reading Life After Birth. I had a grandmother to thank me because she said her twin grand-daughters really need to hear and see from someone else’s experience what can happen when you learn how to deal with life changes and understand cause and effect. Summer and I decided that she would meet the girls at the end of the semester to share and hear their views about the book. What a tremendous success it was! The girls felt they knew Ms. Owens---they actually did. They knew her personal struggles, how she persevered no matter what, and all that she accomplished, even with a child. They had conversations about how they will handle negative situations and how not to “get caught up”. It was a powerful experience for the girls to actually meet an author and not just an author but a female African American author who is using her life to truly help others. There is so much more to gain from Life After Birth, so much more I’m pulling from it and the curriculum. I’m looking forward to sharing the promising effects of Life After Birth with a distinct crew of 5th grade girls.
S. Chatman, Memphis City Schools, Professional School Counselor

» Praise for Life After Birth

The very first time I picked up Life After Birth: A Memoir of Survival& Success as a Teenage Mother and read the first page I was immediately intrigued. It's not often that America hear the successful stories of teenage mothers. In fact it seems society have created a theory that if a teenage girl becomes pregnant the chances are she will become dependent on government assistance and will not continue to pursue education. However the author Summer Owens is a prime example that teenage mothers can be successful too. Summer encourages teen mothers to continue striving to better their lives by vividly sharing her journey and determination throughout her memoir. The message I received from the book is no matter who you are or what challenges you face you are somebody and can fulfill any goal you set when you apply faith, determination, and hard work. Life After Birth: A Memoir of Survival & Success as a Teenage Mother is not only a book but is also Hope. - Erica Brown

"My daughter and I are reading it together. It has bonded us and it is giving confirmation to alot of things I'm trying to instil in her. This book is powerfull!!!!!" - Christy



"Just finished reading "Life After Birth" so good. It's hard for anybody to give me a book and I actually finish it. I believe every teen mom should read the book. Even if you're not a teen mom, you should still read it so you can see how it really is before it happens." - Breia

"Love it! I can hardly put it down. It’s amazing how honest she is."- Pattie McEunn



"I just finished reading Life After Birth and I must say that is was very inspirational. I shed some tears as well as many smiles as I was reading the book. It gave me motivation being a single mom." - Rochonda



"When I first met Summer, I knew she was a very special young women. After reading her book and hearing her speak to teenage mothers and fathers, I am convinced that God has placed her in this position to be a guiding light to teens who find themselves as parents or on the verge of becoming parents. I have seen the eyes of young mothers light up with hope and inspiration when she describes all that she has accomplished both professionally and personally. I encourage all teen parents to use Life After Birth, A Memoir of Survival and Success as a Teenage Mother as a valuable source of information, encouragement, and inspiration as they navigate through the journey of teen parenthood. May God continue to bless you Summer!"
- Dr. Jara Best/ Pediatrician

"When you read the book you feel like you are actually there and can feel what she felt. It touches your heart and soul." - Faye

"I have faced many disappointments in my life and have experienced many setbacks, but your story has even inspired me at 31 years old that a dream deferred is not a dream denied and to continue to fight and not be ashamed of why and how I got to where I currently am." - Tameka

"I just finished reading Life After Birth and want to commend you for your bravery in opening up and telling your story. A lot of young women in that circumstance would have used it as an excuse and given up on their dreams, but you didn't let that stop you from achieving yours. I hope that your book will inspire others not to let anything stop them from achieving their goals. Your book will be a required read for my daughter when she gets a little older." - Marc


"This book is wonderful! Every girl and woman and even men need to read this. This is what the world needs to see and hear!"- Mother Wit

"I must admit...I too have fallen victim to stereotyping teenage mothers and assuming that their opportunities are limited but your story proves the contrast. It’s all about your belief, tenacity, and perseverance I love the format...leading with a biblical scripture, telling your story, adding life lessons. It kept me engaged and helped me remember the key takeaways from your experience. Your story transcends teenage mothers. I have learned a great deal from this book. Even being married with children, we sometimes put limits on our dreams and aspirations because we think we can't do it because it will conflict with our kids. Also, your book has sparked me to start carefully looking at the events in my life (good and bad) and think about what they are designed to teach me." - Angie

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