Let’s turn your obstacles into opportunities and adversity into advancement.
Success is a choice.

No matter what you’ve been through or how hard life gets, you can succeed and have the life you deserve. It starts with YOU. Changing your mindset, building your determination, and strengthening your self-love.

I get it.

From being a teen mother and sole parent achieving tremendous success in school and in my career, I am thankful for my beautifully chaotic life. My experiences have helped me to understand some of the craziest and hardest situations without judgment to teach people how to, “S.O. What!” their way through them.

I live life. And I teach life.

Whether it’s through my Life Skills course that I created for my alma mater, workshops, keynotes, or one-on-one coaching, I help youth and adults overcome obstacles and eliminate the excuses holding them back.

I believe we all can succeed no matter what challenges we face. Let me use my experiences to help you change your mindset, build your determination, and strengthen your self-love to live the abundant, successful life you deserve.