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“I find Summer’s program timely and relevant.  Her topics and presentation style resonate with a college audience and provide applicable strategies that can serve a student for his or her entire educational experience.  Her talks are focused and engaging and worth bringing to a campus.”

Dr. Justin Lawhead
Dr. Justin LawheadVP Student Affairs


“Summer is the motivational speaker that you dream about for an event. She has a REAL story to share. She is humble, educated, intelligent and kind. And, more importantly, she is prepared. Summer inspires others because she has taken the time to look inward for answers, to seek wisdom beyond her comfort zone and to grow beyond boundaries set by others and even herself. I respect Summer, and when you meet her…you will, too.”

Pamela W. Kelly
Pamela W. KellyAttorney


“It’s not often that a speaker honestly leaves a lasting impression on who you are and changes your perception on, well, everything. I was lucky enough to meet Summer Owens, and she has been making me a stronger person since. She’s incredible and truly has the gift to motivate positive change!”

Tara Scates
Tara ScatesStudent, University of Memphis


Young people today face decisions that will affect their entire lives. But too often, they don’t make the best decisions, give up on their goals and dreams, or simply don’t live up to their potential.

I made some poor choices, faced enormous challenges, and nearly gave up on my dreams.

My talks and workshops don’t shy away from the hard stuff. From understanding yourself and making decisions to resiliency and leadership, I get people thinking about tough topics and engaging in real conversations. I help them to face their personal challenges and make life-changing decisions — even when the odds seem stacked against them.

Simply by learning to say- “SO What!”

No Judgment. No Excuses. Just Results.

Summer Mentors Kids


“We are reading Life After Birth right now in my Creative Writing class. Honestly, the book and curriculum have spawned some really great conversations that deal with depression, lack of parental attention or parent neglect, self-esteem, pregnancy, sex, dating, rape, bullying– a big one!”

Crystal Johnson-Evans
Crystal Johnson-EvansNorthwest Preparatory Academy


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It's time to Say S.O. What!

Every day we face challenges, but we also face choices. It's the choices that determine our success and the lessons we learn through the challenges.

Use this quick tips to help you stay focused on your goals during even your most challenging trials.

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