In less than a week we will say goodbye to 2018 forever. But we say hello to 2019- a new year and another chance.

As I reflect on the past year, I think about the roller coaster of emotions I felt (as I do every year).

I think about some of the incredible things I accomplished-

  • Received my first contract with a major school district for the S.O. What! Literacy, Life Skills, and Character Education curriculum
  • Took our first Washington, DC Exposure Trip with the youth of the S.O. What! Foundation
  • Continued speaking on S.O. What! Success in colleges around the country
  • Secured new coaching clients ready to take their personal and professional lives to the next level
  • Launched my new website (check it out!)

I also think about the disappointments I experienced as well as the things I didn’t get done (no need to list any of those, but trust me there are plenty).

Although things in my life aren’t perfect (in fact some are very painful), I enter 2019 extremely grateful and excited because of 5 things I (re)learned in 2018.


1. Forgive Yourself

So you didn’t get everything done. Maybe you made some mistakes- some small and maybe even huge ones. SO WHAT! You can’t redo 2018 and go back and get things done, and you can’t undo your mistakes. However, you can still DO what you didn’t get done. You can learn from your mistakes and fix things where you can. But you must forgive yourself and move on into 2019 wiser, stronger, and better!

Where do you need to offer yourself forgiveness so that you can move on and be happy and productive?


2. Love Yourself 

I’m 5 months from 40, and I #lovemyself more than ever! I never would have posted a picture like the one below. I wouldn’t have even worn a swimsuit. And even though I gained 20 pounds between my May and December Punta Cana trips, I am still good with being me! I used to be so concerned about what other people said about me that I based everything I did and said on the expectations of others. Then I learned to say, “S.O. What!”. Embrace your imperfections. Improve what you can and accept what you can’t. Know that you are fabulous just as you are!                                  

What are the awesome things about yourself that you overlook because you are focused on what you see as negative or flaws?


3. Celebrate Yourself 

As part of forgiving yourself, think about the great things about yourself and what you have overcome and accomplished. Forget about those who might think you’re bragging. You worked hard. You endured. You survived. Now smile, enjoy, pat yourself on the back, throw a party, take a trip….whatever makes you happy as you acknowledge your accomplishments big or small.



How can you celebrate yourself even (or especially) if others don’t?


4. Push Yourself 

This summer I attended the annual conference for the National Speaker’s Association for only the second time. This time, I was asked to host the awards program for the BlackNSA. I initially said no because I was way to nervous to speak in front of 6 and 7-figure speakers whom I admired. But after a little prodding, I agreed and it was an incredible decision that gave me new exposure and respect amongst my speaking peers! Also, I published my second book, and this one was maybe more special than telling my own story. It is the story of my 96 year-old grandmother.  She lost a younger brother and sister this year as I was writing the book, and I felt tremendous pressure to make sure she got to hold her book in her hands. She did, and we will have a book signing at her birthday party in March!




What do you need to do to push yourself beyond your comfort zone to accomplish more?     


5. Laugh at Yourself 

This month my sister got married in Punta Cana. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I’m extremely happy for her and her new husband. One of the highlights of the trip for me was falling off the big swing with friends I made (but hadn’t seen) 10 years ago. I handed my phone to a lady on the beach to capture an action shot of us swinging. As I pushed off the sand to gain momentum, I saw the others ladies weren’t pushing…and we all fell onto the sand. Then the swing came over (and luckily didn’t hit) our heads. The old me would have been embarrassed. The mature me couldn’t wait to tell and show everyone on the trip and at home.



What mess up do you need to laugh at and share with others to make them laugh too?


So as we open the door on a new year, remember the door is open for endless opportunities in our lives. With the right attitude and effort as well as your own lessons learned from 2018, you can accomplish anything!

Go for it! Get to it! (singing Tevin Campbell’s (remember him?) Round and Round)

And if you need help, remember I’m a certified life coach. I specialize in S.O. What! Success so no more excuses.

Let’s do it!