After traveling to Kumasi and Cape Coast the the previous days, we spent Day 7 a little more relaxed.

We went to the Accra Mall which was extremely modern. One thing that fascinated me was the store/brand Woodin because in addition to clothes, they had lots and lots of fabric. Before going to Ghana, I had not been a big pattern lover, but being there I LOVED all the different patterns I saw…In the mall, and Makola market, and everywhere.

As we walked into the mall, I saw two girls posing in a glass door. They were so cute to me that I took their picture. They caught me doing and ran up the stairs laughing and asking to see my photo. When they did, I asked to take a picture with them. I absolutely loved their energy, their beautiful faces, beautiful skin, fun spirits, their smiles, and their poses.








When we got in from the mall, it was time to go out again and enjoy more Accra nightlife.


Day 7 was nice and chill and still super beautiful and powerful for me.

My Journey to the Motherland- Acra, Ghana Day 8