Hi there! I’m here to use hard-learned lessons from my life to inspire youth and young adults toward their own personal success.

As a motivational speaker, published author, and S.O. What! Success Coach, I believe youth can achieve their dreams no matter what obstacles they are born into or create for themselves. I’m also the founder and president of S.O. What! LLC and the S.O. What! Foundation (www.thesowhatfoundation.org). My mission is to help youth and young adults overcome obstacles and eliminate excuses hindering individual and family success.

A former teen mom, I’m known for my no-excuses, S.O. What! attitude that has helped me beat the odds and help so many others do the same. I’m the author of Life After Birth-A Memoir of Survival and Success as a Teenage Mother which has been popular with teens and young adults across the country. I’m also the author of the S.O. What! Literacy, Life Skills, and Character Education workbooks which pulls powerful lessons from my memoir and helps improve literacy in schools.

I love my community and helping organizations and individuals serving youth. I serve on several nonprofit boards and was appointed to the mayor’s transition team for youth services. I have been featured in media outlets including CNN HLN and the 700 Club, and I have received several amazing honors. Memphis Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40, Outstanding Young Alumna for the University of Memphis, Fogelman College of Business and Economics Outstanding Young Alumna, Memphis Grizzlies & McDonald’s Community Hero Award, Women of Achievement Heroism Award, Dress for Success Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, and the Tri-state Defender Women of Excellence Award.
However, I have been a mother since before I knew myself, and my son is now a young adult himself. My greatest honor is seeing my child, my students, and any youth I can reach beat their challenges and achieve S.O. What! Success too.

With a passion for helping youth see past their challenges and focus on the possibilities for their lives, I have had the opportunity to speak to thousands of youth and college students across the country. I have seen hurt, lack of motivation, confusion, and misdirection destroy the power in so many youth. My goal is to help as many people as possible maintain or restore the power, push themselves, and become the powerhouse they were born to be. I do so through live events, books and workbooks, as well as through my online programs with S.O. What! YOUniversity. My free newsletter offers motivation and practical strategies to parents, educators, and youth workers.

How it started

I had many titles before Speaker, Author, and S.O. What! Success Coach.  One title is professor at the University of Memphis teaching a life skills course I was asked to create based on my story. I was also a marketing manager and marketing advisor with three amazing companies before I found my calling of helping youth and young adults.

I got the title of mother when I was 15 after I got pregnant from a forced sexual encounter.  Some I didn’t even know. I had low self-esteem. I know how it feels to be bullied and judged. I know how it feels to be scared, hurt and embarrassed. But that wasn’t the end of my story. It was just the beginning. I also know how it feels to be confident and accomplished. Self-assured and successful. I learned the power in saying, “S.O. What!”.

Although it was hard and I wanted to give up at times, I graduated in the top of my class and was named Most Likely to Succeed. I earned an Emerging Leaders scholarship to college, graduated magna cum laude in four years, and was named Miss University of Memphis. As a young, single mother away from my family.

I started my career with a National Basketball Association (NBA) team and was promoted three times in four years. I ended my career in Corporate America with an amazing position at FedEx where I had recently been promoted. Discovering my purpose in life and ability to inspire youth, young adults, and so many others, pushed me to take a leap of faith. Seeing the impact I’ve made in the lives of others pushes me to never looked back!

Today, I am an entrepreneur with two incredible businesses. I am an author, a speaker, a mentor and life coach, as well as a university professor where I taught marketing and was then asked to create my own life skills class based on my experiences. Like with my keynotes and workshops, my students leave the class with a new attitude and new approach to dealing with life.

I have laughed and cried all along the way. I’ve struggled, and I’ve persevered. But I never forget to say, “S.O. What!” then “So NOW what?” and that makes all the difference.

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