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My Journey to the Motherland

Never in my 40 years of living have I been so excited about Black History Month. That’s African-American history. That’s the history of African descendants who live (or have lived) in America. My first trip to the continent of Africa opened my eyes and gave me an even greater appreciation of who I am and what my ancestors endured for me to be who and where I am.

A fellow speaker whom I respect tremendously extended the invitation to our speaking network to join him on a trip to Accra, Ghana where his father and stepmother, native Ghanaians, lived. This seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime, and I was not going to miss it.

After securing my flight, getting the necessary immunizations, and my obtaining my Ghana Visa, I was set for this amazing 11-day trip to the continent where my ancestors lived and were torn from. For Black History Month, I will share my inspiring, enlightening, painful at times, yet invigorating journey.

Journey to the Motherland GhanaI started 2020 in the most amazing way. On January 3rd, I left Memphis and would not return the same.

I flew to Dallas, had a few hours layover then an eight-hour flight to London Heathrow.






Journey to the Motherland GhanaMore hours laying over than six hours to Accra. On the flight, I met a sweet 20-something young Ghanaian lady called Lee. She was flying from London where she had lived with her mother and was visiting her father in Ghana. Although I had planned to sleep, we talked most of the flight. We talked about life, careers, our relationships with our parents, and so much more. I thought she looked a lot like my cousin who people say looks like me…so maybe she looked like me. I called her my daughter anyway because she opened up and shared so much with me.

On the flight, I watched the map that showed the area over which we were flying. There it was. Africa. It was incredible just seeing the shape of the beautiful continent I had always wanted to visit. Then I saw the names of the country I would be visiting and others I hope to see one day.


Then I made it! It had been a long journey getting there, but the my journey exploring this beautiful country was just beginning.

Justin captured this photo as I came down the escalator taking my first steps and then going through customs in Accra, Ghana.

Journey to the Motherland Ghana












Journey to the Motherland Ghana








Journey to the Motherland Ghana















My first breath of African air! I was ready to see Ghana! Well, after we checked into the Airbnb and got some rest.  Justin’s father and stepmother (with some help) picked us up to meet Valda, the other speaker meeting us, and get checked into our home for the next 10 days.







I had no idea what I was in for, but I was there for it all!

My Journey to the Motherland- Accra, Ghana Day 2







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