Summer shares lessons learned from her memoir on appreciating life.

One Often-ignored Key to Having a Healthy Mind and Body

When I was a teenager, I learned first-hand to appreciate having a healthy mind and body. I was privileged to volunteer at my mother’s job. At the time she was working in a mental hospital. The hospital had a volunteer program for teenagers.…
Summer shares a lesson learned from her memoir on how to learn from the past
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Learn from the past. Don’t dwell on it.

“Learn from the past and don’t dwell on shortcomings” has been a major lesson for me throughout my life. As I continue sharing the lessons learned that I wrote at the end of each chapter of my memoir, Life After Birth, I reflect on…
Young Summer Owens now on a mission to stop bullying
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They Called Me Boy and Beaver: 3 Tips to Stop Bullying

When I decided it was time for me to share my story of how I became a teen mother yet beat the statistics, I began to reflect on my life. And how I got to a place where my self-esteem was so low that I felt that just because this boy told me…
Marker where Bertha Looney and the Memphis State 8 fought racial injustice
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Racial Injustice – A Message from the President

No, this isn’t a message from that president. This one. Being a black woman with friends of all races, I feel it is important for me to address racial injustice. As the president of the national alumni association of my alma mater,…

Life Skills for Students to Succeed

Why are life skills important for students? One of the greatest honors of my life has been using my story as a teen mom to teach life skills (as well as literacy and character education) to students through the S.O. What! Literacy, Life Skills,…

So What are the Basic Life Skills

  Basic life skills are a set of skills which help you prosper and advance in everyday life. You find that you will need different sets of like skills at different times in your life. There are 10 basic essential life skills. Because…
life skills taught to middle school students using the S.O. What! Literacy, Life Skills, and Character Education curriculum

So What are Life Skills and Why are They Important?

When I set out to write my memoir, my purpose was simply to help teen mothers with their lives. I wanted to share life skills to help them be successful in spite of being teen parents. Then many other people started reading it, and I realized…
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When Silence Doesn’t Make Sense

When I was asked to issue an official statement on the racial injustices many African Americans are currently facing and have for too long, I was ready. I didn't know what I would say and could barely verbalize how hurt and even afraid I felt,…
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10 Ways the Coronavirus is Forcing 2020 Vision

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you're aware of the COVID-19 crisis that has disrupted our entire world in a matter of months. Rounding out 2019, I don't think anyone (with the exception of a few people) had any idea this was coming.…