S.O. What! Success Coach.

Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

“I wish I could…, but…”

“Life isn’t fair.”

“Why did this happen to me?”

“That only happens to lucky people.”

Make Excuses or Make it Happen? Your Choice

I am here to help you stop feeling for yourself. I want to help you stop allowing your circumstances to hold you back from your destiny. I can help you overcome your obstacles. It’s time to get over your excuses and calculate your choices so that you can live your dreams. There is greatness inside of you—let’s unleash it and get the results you’ve always wanted to see.

Are you ready to realize S.O. What! Success for yourself?

Every Reason Not to Make It.

Do you struggle with going after your dreams or goals?

Are you feeling stuck?

Do you want to become more confident that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to?

Are you self-saboting your own success in school, career, or life?

Do you feel sorry for yourself and wish you could take action to change your life?

If you can say YES to any of the above, here’s what you can do about it.

My experiences as a single mother since I was 15 years old, a college leader, business professional, entrepreneur and

You Just Need One to Succeed. (choose yours)

You deserve this

You are good enough

It’s time to take of you

Are you a young or aspiring professional trying to navigate life and figure out how to progress personally and professionally.

A single (or not) mother or father with a limited support system who wants to be independent, self-sufficient, and set an example for your children?

An individual or business owner who needs help with personal branding or marketing yourself and your business?

An individual dealing with peer pressure, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, bullying, or other issues? Or the parent of a teenager who could benefit from extra support and encouragement and a plan for advancement.

During your complimentary coaching session, I will learn more about your obstacles/challenges and share with you a few actionable tips you can implement right away. We will also see if coaching with me is a good fit for you, and I will share details on how we can officially get started.


“Thank you Summer for the amazing coaching sessions.  You allowed me, a person who just tries to figure everything out on her own, to have a safe space to share my fears, doubts, and truths about the things that have been keeping me stagnant as it relates to my business.  You helped to redirect my thinking and you were the perfect accountability partner to get me going with my next project.  I cannot thank you enough and I appreciate your expertise in guiding me to reach my goals.  I am truly excited about the future of my business.  THANK YOU!”

Kimberly Bailey

“Signing up for coaching with Summer, as well as S.O. What! YOUniversity and taking Summer’s Confidence Class were some of the greatest investment decisions that I’ve made. Summer provided a safe space for transparency and recreation of ones self despite where I was in my life. Her drive and commitment to help set reachable goals while encouraging mind shifting views on what’s before me, help me to push past my own self sabotaging way of viewing certain things. Summer’s realness and very relatable nature help to hold me accountable for my choices or lack of choices during our sessions/ classes. I know first-hand that I’ve grown from who I was to who I am becoming due to me choosing to share my testimony. Normally I would talk myself out of sharing things like this, in fear of what may or may not be said or seen, or what words I should have or have not used… But in the words of my coach “So what”!!! Lives need to be changed, we have to be the change we want to see and in order to do so we have to apply the knowledge that has been provided. So what better place to start then right here, and this is one of my many beginnings. Thank you, Coach.”

Katrina Sellers