When I quit my job at ServiceMaster, I had about two months before I started my new job at FedEx. I opted out of the COBRA insurance which would have provided me with coverage in between jobs because it was so expensive. So I told my son who was 12 at the time to be VERY careful because there would be no doctor or hospital visits until my new insurance kicked in.

Of course, that didn’t work. Two weeks in, he was playing basketball with his friend and broke his finger. I taped it to a splinter to the finger next to it. I knew what to do because he had broken it before…my active son.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when a couple of weeks later he came limping into the house held up by his friend. His pants were bloody because his knee was bleeding. When I looked down I also saw that his right shoe was sliced across the top of his foot. I removed his shoe to find that his foot was cut and bleeding too.

Remember, I didn’t have insurance so I cleaned up his knee and foot and assessed his pain and figured it was only a surface cut that would heal.

A few days later we were flying to San Francisco….to meet his father’s family (but that’s a WHOLE other post). He walked through the airport fine and was still fine at the airport for our connection. That’s why I was shocked when two into our visit his foot starting turning green!

We took him to the emergency room. The doctor said that his foot was actually broken. In three places and that it was beginning to heal wrong. The bones were fusing back together in the wrong places. He said that if we had gotten him to the doctor any later that they would have had to break his foot again so that it could heal properly.

Have you ever felt broken? Maybe you feel broken right now.

I certainly have felt broken many times in my life, but when I reflect on this story I realize that just maybe I’ve been broken or shaken up so that I could deal with things I thought were fine. And so that I could truly heal properly.

So be thankful for the broken periods in your life. Evaluate how the brokenness is actually helping you cope with what’s behind you and preparing you for what’s next!

And if you want help working on your what’s next, I’d love to talk to you! Feel free to schedule a free, no obligation call with me and let’s see how I can help you figure out your So NOW what?  and create a plan to get it done.