Summer Owens At Work

For the last three weeks, I have held Summer School, a short series with tips to help us make the most of our summer “break”.
Wrapping up the series with Class 6, I want you to…

Get Bold: Build Your Confidence and Make It Happen. It’s time to stop hiding behind fear and excuses and take a step. Small or large, it’s time to move! On my last teleclass, I said, “Do it scared.” Don’t get that confused with do it foolishly or unprepared. But it does mean getting uncomfortable and making a move even when you are.
That’s why I’m so excited about my upcoming Confidence Class!

Boldness takes confidence. Action takes confidence. Living your dreams takes confidence.
We all have different levels of confidence in different areas of our lives, and each area affects the others. How you feel about your looks affects your social confidence and even your confidence at work.
I lacked confidence in EVERY area, but I learned how to overcome my self-doubt and insecurities to pursue all of my dreams and succeed where many won’t even dare to try.

I already have testimonials from my 30 minute teleclass-  5 Things You Must Do To Make Your Dreams Reality, and that was just a taste of what I’m showing you in the Confidence Class.

Time to Get Bold.

Don’t know how? No problem. Just join me!