On the third day in Accra, we maneuvered the famous Makola Market.

Although my mother and grandmother sew and I spent a considerable amount of my youth in fabric stores, I have never seen so much beautiful fabric in one place.

Justin, who is half Ghanaian, incorporates his heritage in his keynote speeches in various ways. One way is with custom suits made in Ghana. On this trip to Makola Market, he was selecting fabric for several new suits. Valda and I were also in for a treat. We both selected fabric for two dresses each. It was hot and crowded yet exhilarating as we made our way through the crowd of vendors to select our fabrics from what looked like thousands of different prints.

We bought our fabric and made our way to Mama Helen’s seamstress where we got measured. We had found pictures of dresses we liked online, and the seamstress just took a picture of our phone pics of the dresses on top of the fabric for the dresses with plans for us to return before we headed back to the states. I couldn’t wait to see how this was going to turn out.

That night, we discovered Sky Bar where we’d end up visiting three times on this trip. Great food, great drinks, and an amazing view of the beautiful city of Accra, Ghana.

My Journey to the Motherland- Accra, Ghana Day 4