Len Hostetter
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From Custom Suits to College Hoodies: Len Hostetter’s S.O. What! Success Story

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be able to call my boss’s boss’s boss my true friend. He was my VP at FedEx with a manager and a director in between us. But after I published my memoir, he heard about it and…
Dr. Barbara Prescott
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Dr. Barbara Prescott’s S.O. What! Success Story

Have you ever been introduced to someone who you’ve admired from afar, and it was not what you expected? I watched Dr. Barbara Prescott and admired her work. She looked like a nice person, but I had no idea just how kind, considerate, and…
Andrew Bailey
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Meet Andrew Bailey, an inspiring S.O. What! Success Story

One of the most incredible people I met during my time as a student at the University of Memphis was my friend, Andrew Bailey. We were both teen parents and student leaders with tremendous challenges. And less than ideal backgrounds that…
life skills curriculum

Five Lessons Your Teenager Will Learn From a High School Life Skills Curriculum

If you remember being a teen, then you know just how challenging that time was. Between meeting your parents’ approval and the acceptance from friends, a teen’s life is full of uncertainty because you’re in the middle of learning who you…
life skills curriculum
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Alicia Keys, Make-up, and Me

"Be yourself. Do what makes you feel good. Stop trying to please every damn body."