Leshundra Robinson
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Leshundra Robinson S.O. What! Success Story

Many nonprofit organizations are born out of need and many are created from painful personal experiences. When I met Leshundra Robinson she asked me to speak at an anti-bullying conference she organized for the nonprofit she co-founded, UCAN…
Havilah Malone
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Havilah Malone S.O. What! Success Story

When I made the decision to become a professional speaker, I was excited that I qualified to become a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). One of the most amazing connections I made through NSA was with this woman with a speaking…
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Living to 100: My Grandmother’s Roaring 20’s Birthday Party

Living to 100 is an incredible feat especially if you make it there healthy, happy, and in your right mind. On March 10, 2022 Agnes Idella "Dorothy" Jones Owens celebrated her 100th birthday. I was honored to be with her at midnight, and…
Dr. Shirley Raines
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An Uncommon Journey: Dr. Shirley Raines S.O. What! Success Story

When I entered college in 1997, I quickly got involved in various organizations including the Student Ambassador Board. This is where I interacted with the university president, Dr. Shirley Raines. Surprisingly, I didn’t pay much attention…
Deborah Clubb
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Sharing the Storyteller’s Story: Deborah Clubb S.O. What! Success Story

When I published my memoir in 2010, I had no idea the opportunities (and challenges) it would bring to my life. One of the first was when I received the Women of Achievement Heroism Award. That’s when I met one of the founders of Women of…