As I continue to explore old blog posts, I found one so appropriate for this transition in seasons-

A Wonderful Summer: Turning a Fall into a Spring

As great as the title was for the summer turning to fall, the blog post that I reference in that old post was written by a wonderful lady named Emma Connolly. She had seen the big feature on me in our local newspaper, and she set out to meet me.

After our meeting, she invited me to be on the board of directors for the nonprofit she had started to help underprivileged youth express themselves through writing, WriteMemphis. It was my first time serving on a board, and I was honored.

And she wrote this sweet blog post.

I got so much from her reaching out to me including these 5 key lessons:

1. Do what you feel you are called to do. I wrote my first book and told my story to encourage others. I  was nervous about how it would be received or if anyone would even care. They did.

2. Share who you are and what you do. Don’t be shy. Let people know what you’ve done and what you have to offer.

3. Strangers can be your friends. People I knew already could have given me the same love, attention, and exposure as Emma but didn’t. Someone I had never met before saw value in me and my story where others close to me did not (or didn’t express it).

4. Be accessible. When Emma saw the article about me, she was able to easily contact me. Are you visible on social media? Have a website? When someone is interested in connecting with you, can they easily do it?

5. Be open to new opportunities. I had never served on a board of directors. However, after asking a few questions about the commitment, I decided to give it a try. It was a great introduction for the numerous boards I’ve served on and the nonprofit I started since.

What have you learned from an experience where someone showed you they saw you?