Alexia Young
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Alexia Young Shows Us How to Turn a Disformity into Mission!

A Birth Defect that Birthed Purpose

Born with a birth defect, cleft lip, and palate, Alexia Young is a woman with a brave mind and heart, she chooses to stand beyond challenges and helps others embrace their struggles. Through her organization, she is helping children all over the world overcome this challenge as well.

She is currently the inspiring founder and CEO of B4A | Beauty for Ashes. Their mission is to provide others with creative, therapeutic approaches to healing that will enhance and promote self-love, self-value, and self-confidence.

She is also an educator, creative arts director, motivational speaker, vice president of the Black Alumni Chapter of the University of Memphis Alumni Association, and author of Transformation of the Heart: When God Makes Beauty out of Ashes.

Alexia Young is a native Texan, born and raised in Texarkana.

Alexia proved to everyone that having this position as the CEO is the Lord’s favor, as she quote in her website “B4A answers the call of Isaiah 61”, and that chapter from the Book of Isaiah implies the year of the Lord’s favor. Truly an empowered Godly-woman.

She’s a compassionate dean of academics for Compass Community School. Not just that but also an author, creative art director, and motivational speaker.

She became a better person and focuses on the mindset that “success is possible” when you believed. Her abilities, perseverance, and courage proved no trials can steal away goals and purpose.

In my 3rd episode of S.O. What! Success Stories, I interview survivor, overcome, and achiever – Alexia Young. This is a wonderful and meaningful interview, you’ll surely be inspired.


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The S.O. What! Success System

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