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What Makes a Successful Character Education Curriculum

I don’t think anyone sets out to do or create anything without the goal of success, and that’s why it was my mission to create a successful character education curriculum. I had completely exposed myself and felt completely vulnerable after publishing my memoir, but it was completely worth it once I learned just how much […]

Six Pillars of Character Education

In my post So What is Character Education, I began to explore character education. A group of experts and educators came together in 1992 to develop the six pillars of character education. These six pillars of education were designed to help students develop character through school activities. The interesting thing about the six pillars of […]

What are the 11 principles of character education?

After digging deep into the pillars of character education, I spent time focusing on the principles of character education that I wanted to include into the S.O. What! Literacy, Life Skills, and Character Education curriculum. Character.org (formerly the Character Education Partnership) developed the detailed framework called 11 Principles Framework for Schools: A Guide to Cultivating […]

SO What is Character Education?

After focusing on literacy and life skills for the S.O. What! Literacy, Life Skills, and Character Education curriculum, I began research specifically on how character education. I knew that getting students to read and to read better was critical. I also recognized how easily I could teach important life skills through my story, but I […]


Life Skills for Students to Succeed

Why are life skills important for students? One of the greatest honors of my life has been using my story as a teen mom to teach life skills (as well as literacy and character education) to students through the S.O. What! Literacy, Life Skills, and Character Educuation curriculum. Life skills for students are a set […]


So What are the Basic Life Skills

  Basic life skills are a set of skills which help you prosper and advance in everyday life. You find that you will need different sets of like skills at different times in your life. There are 10 basic essential life skills. Because my book and the S.O. What! Literacy, Life Skills, and Curriculum follow […]

The Importance of Literacy

The importance of literacy can’t be stressed enough. On my lunch break for four years, I visited my mentee at the Adolescent Parenting Program. She complained about her relationship with her father and how he had no idea how she felt as a teen mother. She had read my first book, Life After Birth: A […]

SO What is Literacy?

What is Literacy After publishing my first book, Life After Birth- A Memoir of Survival and Success a Teenage Mother, I was amazed by how many students and educators were reading my story. A 5th grade guidance counselor told me that her students looked forward to their time reading my book and that it was […]