Summer shares time management habits of successful people in this lesson learned.
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Three Time Management Habits of Successful People

Anything is possible. I wasn’t expected to graduate from school or even go to college. Yet because of applying the time management habits of successful people, I graduated from high school and college and college with honours from both institutions.…
Summer shares two tips for new parents in this lesson learned.
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Two Tips for New Parents

My first tip for new parents starts from the moment they are born. The first tip is to cherish each moment with your child. Your child will grow up right before your eyes. It might sound cliché, yet that is the reality you will encounter as…
Summer shares the secret to her success in this lesson learned.
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The Open Secret to My Success

My secret to success is faith guided by works. As a woman of faith, I’ll be the first to admit that God is good. He took care of me and my son through many tough days. Sometimes when I struggled, I questioned what was happening and what I…
Summer shares a lesson learned on how to accept help from others.
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How to Accept Help From Others

I was a full-time student, full-time intern and full-time mother. Clearly, I needed to accept help from others to help me achieve all my goals. I’ll be the first to admit that it took a lot of work on my part to make things work. I was determined…
Summer shares a lesson learned on how to survive college as a young parent.
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4 Tips To Survive College As a Young Parent

As a young parent, you can easily wonder if you will survive college because of the extra responsibilities you have to handle. It may not seem like it but as a parent you have a few advantages. Parents tend to be more focused, determined and…
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Can You Be Happy Being Last on the List?

On January 20th, I sat like most of America watching history being made. Regardless of one's political views, the fact remains that a woman and of color was in the position of Vice President of the United Stated- something my mother and certainly…
Summer shares a lesson learned on how to prepare for a new beginning.
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Preparation for a New Beginning

Starting college was an exciting and scary time in my life which marked a new beginning in my life. I would be moving away from the familiar to start the next stage of my life with my son. In fact, I only knew two friends from my high school…
Summer shares a lesson learned on how to eliminate excuses and succeed in life.
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Eliminate excuses and decide to succeed in life

Success is a choice. It’s not for lucky people. Success is for those who eliminate excuses and decide to succeed in life. If you’ve been following my story, you know how hard it was for me to raise my son while still going to school and…
Summer shares a lesson learned on two ways to live a fulfilling life as a single mother.
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2 Ways To Live A Fulfilling Life As A Single Mother

I wanted to live a fulfilling life where I could take care of myself and my son without struggling. I wanted to go to college as I saw that as a ticket to a different life. During my high school graduation, there was an awards day when the guidance…