Luther C. McClellan, a blessing to our younger generation!

Luther C. McClellan was one of the Memphis State Eight, who were the first African-American students admitted to Memphis State University in 1959. 

He became the first African-American to graduate from The University of Memphis in 1962, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.

The Alumni Association has a program called Luther C. McClellan Scholarship Fund wherein they are giving opportunities for the deserving students to have educational assistance. That only shows how generous Luther is, his heart is towards helping younger generations.

In my 5th episode of S.O. What! Success Stories, I interview one of the thoughtful and supportive – Luther C. McClellan. This episode will encourage us to help and inspire people by showing our lives as a beautiful testimony of success.

The Memphis State 8
Eleanor Gandy, Sammie Burnett Johnson, Marvis Kneeland Jones, Bertha Rogers Looney, Rose Blakney Love, Luther McClellan, Ralph Prater, and John Simpson

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