Did you know that last Sunday was Grandparents Day?

At 40 years old, I am in a pretty unique position. I still have two grandmothers in their 90’s.

And I am a grandmother. Five-year old, Kailey and one of my new babies, six-week old Jordan.

My life has been an interesting journey. Far from perfect. Far from what I expected or wanted in many cases. It’s been full of up’s and downs, high highs and low lows. When I reflect on my life and all that I’ve been through in only 40 years, I think of my beautiful grandmother’s- 97 and 93 and all that they have experienced and still continue to endure.

Last year, I published my oldest grandmother’s story- Look Who Done Come Up the Slip. Last month I birthed another special baby, my 93 year-old grandmother’s story, Hey, Girl!.

As a parent, I understand the love, sacrifice, pain, pride, guilt, and hope parents feel, have and do for their children. Being a grandparent is different, but all of those feelings are often magnified. And I just hope that I’ve made my grandmother’s proud by sharing their stories and that I will be as great of a grandmother as they have been to me.

How can you honor your grandparents or someone else’s?