Slow Down, Baby. You're Moving Too Fast.

Last night, I put in about two. Today, it seems like I worked it all day only taking breaks to eat and to have a couple of meetings.  What is it? Online driving school.
After my last day at FedEx, I spent the next six weeks traveling with only one day in Memphis. On that one day, I got a speeding ticket. I had been working on a project, didn’t want to stop and ended up rushing to my doctor’s appointment.  I was pressed for time. Trying to get a lot done and now was stopped by the police.
This stop ended up costing me SO much more time.  A couple months later I had to go downtown to court (3+ hours) where I was offered driving school. I opted for the online course which, like I said to start this post, took me what felt like an entire day. I have so many other things to do primarily to develop my business which is what I was doing the day I ended up rushing to the doctor’s office and getting stopped. Slowed down.
The lesson learned. Rushing doesn’t get you there faster. In fact, sometimes, it slows you down or keeps you from getting there at all. From now on, I am going to do my best to slow myself down and control my time better so that someone else won’t have to do it for me.