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Chapter 41- My COVID-19 Birthday

Because of the meaning of my birthday (much more than me being born), I always try to do something significant on my birthday. And write about it. Like for all the people who canceled birthday plans- and wedding plans, graduation plans,…
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Chapter 39- Celebrate Your Life While You Have It

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time or just know my story, then you know my birthdays are "special". Y es, everyone's birthday is special, but my birthday is also the anniversary of the day I got pregnant by someone I did…
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She’s 95 and Fine! Celebrating My Grandma

If I'm blessed to see 95, I want to be exactly like her.
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10 Lessons it Took Me 37 Years to Learn

However, in the last few years, I have made deliberate efforts to celebrate myself. My life.

The Journey Back Home…2 weeks, 12 cities, and over 1200 miles.

It was difficult to leave what had been my home, my office, and my sanctuary for the past weeks. I had relaxed a lot and worked a lot too. I had met some interesting people, and I had really enjoyed some great own. For my 36th…

This Year I Didn’t Cry on My Birthday

People who read my first book know that On May 22, birthday...a guy I didn't know forced himself on me, and I got pregnant. Although I love my son dearly and joyfully celebrated his birthday each year on February 4th, my birthday…