Summer Owens and family after Thanksgiving parade

How to Act with Appreciation and Excel in Leadership and Life

Yesterday as I drove back to my house, I asked my granddaughter what was she was thankful for. She said the expected, "my family, my friends, my home...". I encouraged to be more specific and gave her the example, "I'm thankful for my car that…
Thankful When Life is Hard
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5 Tips for Being Thankful When Life is Hard

Yesterday as I was driving down the highway thinking about Thanksgiving and wondering what I would do for the holiday. I also thought about how many situations in my life were not where I wanted them to be. As I sank deeper into my woeful feelings,…
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If I Live to See 97…

"Summer, can you brang me my earrings?" For two weeks I had the privilege of having my grandmother stay with me. She hadn't made the ride to Memphis to stay with me in nearly four years, but this time on my visit to see her she finally said…
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She’s 95 and Fine! Celebrating My Grandma

If I'm blessed to see 95, I want to be exactly like her.