Friends Forever
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40, Friends, Forever

When I was a little girl, I initially struggled with friendships. In the sixth grade, my class started the "I Hate Summer" club. Even a couple of girls who had been my friends were a part of the club that made talking to me or sitting with me…

Collaborating. Not Competing. Women Celebrating Women.

I am a woman, hear me roar. Women are strong when we want to be weak. We laugh when we want to cry. Sometimes we cry (or even laugh) when we want to run away. We are mothers, wives, sisters, and friends. Also, we are caregivers to our children,…
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For Every Girl Who Has Ever Been Called The B-Word…Bossy

Today someone sent me a link to a video. I am not sure if they were thinking positively or negatively about me or what exactly they were trying to tell me by sending it, but I'm going to assume the best and say it was all good. I think they…