4 Years Down as an Entrepreneur, and I'm Still Up

More than celebrating the day I started my businesses by officially obtaining LLC and 501c3 statuses, I celebrate the day I made one of the scariest moves of my life.
The day I left my financially secure and even fun and rewarding job in Corporate America. June 5, 2013.
Last year I wrote a post detailing why I had almost given up on entrepreneurship but did not. One year after writing that have things changed drastically?
Nope. However, I am still in the game and moving forward. I have some new wins and some new losses and lots of new lessons.
I am more clear on my vision for my business and exactly how I want it to run and what I want to do. I have new relationships, new ideas, new contracts, and new revenue streams.
So today I celebrate 4 years as a full-time entrepreneur. The road has not been easy, but the key has been not giving up and always learning. I did it, and so can you if that is what your heart desires. I love sharing what I learn in business and in life so maybe I can help you too.
Now I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!
What maybe has made you want to give up on your dreams? What kept you motivated to stay the course?

  1. Pamela Howard
    Pamela Howard says:

    Great job, Summer! I look forward to working with you in your literacy, life skills, and character education workbook curriculum when it is implemented into the Memphis Magic Basketball Program with United Athletes Foundation, Inc. This is Reggie’s Mom,