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Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable and transparent?

Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable and transparent?

Summer Owens opening keynote speaker for the Georgia FCCLA State Leadership conference



I do. I’ve now spoken to hundreds of audiences. Several thousand individuals. But last week I had my biggest audience to date. About 2000 students, and if you ever speak to youth you know it’s a little different. I was a little nervous until I hit the stage because of the size of the crowd and the adjustments to the engagement components I had to make.

Plus, some personal feelings of loss and lack of support I was struggling with were heavy on me.

As soon as I walked onto the stage and saw students on three different levels in the Classic Center, nerves turned to excitement and that responsibility I knew I had was heightened. Time to have fun and turn on some lightbulbs! I had a hard 45 minute slot, and when I left the stage I knew I had delivered what they paid me to do! That confidence was only magnified by the students, parents, and advisors who let me know their mindsets were changed because of what I said. Yes!


Summer Owens opening keynote speaker at the FCCLA leadership conference






Have you ever had moments of nervousness or uncertainty? How did you deal with it? How did it feel when you slayed after that nervousness?