Because of the meaning of my birthday (much more than me being born), I always try to do something significant on my birthday. And write about it.

Like for all the people who canceled birthday plans- and wedding plans, graduation plans, trips, and so much more, I had to rethink what I was going to do for my birthday- my 41st birthday.

At first, it was going to be nothing but try to figure out how I was going to shift my business for the almost completely virtual world.

Then I came up with this.

The entire world has been affected by COVID-19, but one of the groups I feel for the most are the high school and college classes (and even my granddaughter’s kindergaren class) or 2020.


So for my birthday, I asked people to tag seniors in social media posts. 20 seniors were chosen and sent gifts to keep them encouraged on the next leg of their journeys.

Because COVID-19 made it impossible for me to execute my contract with my local school district, I also created another effort to get my books and S.O. What! message of resilence to as many seniors (or students who would be one day) as possible.

I didn’t meet my goal…or even come close to it, but I’m grateful for those who helped me celebrate my birthday by helping me to get more youth reading and ready for the challenges of life.

Then I turned my focus to celebrating my granddaugher’s kindergarten graduation. Her birthday was early in the COVID-19 crisis so he party consisted of just her household while others watched on Facebook. So I wanted to do a little more for her to celebrating her promotion to 1st grade. We’re having a small gathering at my house to make sure she knows we are proud of her and will always celebrate her educational accomplishments.







Did you have a birthday or other special occasion during COVID-19? How did you celebrate?