When we started the S.O. What! Foundation’s STEP-OUT (Self-esteem, Teamwork, Exposure, Personal development-Overcome, Understand, Triumph) program, I knew I wanted to take the special kids in our program on a flight to Washington, DC.

Why? Because they followed the S.O. What! curriculum and read about my first flight as a scared, pregnant 15-year-old. And later my son’s first flight to the same place and all the awesome sites we saw and experiences we had. I wanted to give them the same opportunity. I wanted to show them something different, help them conquer some fears, and realize they could GO ANYWHERE!

These are some of the strongest young people I’ve ever seen because of the traumatic things they’ve experienced and overcome.  Check out this video of some of the things we did that we can share. Some of the most powerful moments of the trip were in our late night conversations. Fear, tears, feelings, and healing.

I love our kids and all kids and want to see them become successful adults!

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