When I was little, I remember playing on the playground with my sister and cousins outside of my aunt’s apartment . We had heard that four-leaf clovers were good luck so in between swinging and playing tag, we searched among the sea of clovers for that special one with four leaves.

Although we were by most people’s standards, poor, we were happy. We were young and carefree, but we also wanted to have and do what other kids around had and did.
You know, nice clothes and shoes. The nice house and car. Two parents in the house…or just two parents who contributed to helping us grow up and live better and have more. Maybe we would find a four-leaf clover, and that would give us everything we wanted in life.
Over the years, I think we found some. I think the other kids we played with found some too. And over the years, we grew up. Good things happened to us and the people we played with. And bad things happened too.
Some of us got those nice clothes and shoes, nice houses and cars. Some of us got them the right way and some us chose the fast way. Some of realized that those things were nice but didn’t determine if we were successful and certainly weren’t the most important things in life. Some of us experienced two parents either for ourselves or our children. Some of us had the lives that we wanted, or at least most of we wanted. Some of us didn’t. Some of us got jobs and had careers. Some of us bought homes and started businesses. Some of us started families when we were ready and some of us have children and still aren’t ready. Some of struggled, and some of us thrived. Some of us lived well, and some of us even died.
As I reflect back on our days searching that patch of clovers for just one with four leaves, I realize that life is not about luck.

Minimizing our place in life to be about luck simply relieves us from responsibility for our circumstances. It says we think we have no control over our situations, and that we don’t feel accountable to or powerful enough to change what we don’t like.

We have to be responsible. We do have control. We have to be accountable. And we are powerful.
No, life isn’t about luck. It’s about blessings, and more importantly, it’s about our choices. How we choose to use those blessings, and even challenges, to create the life we want trumps any bad luck or bad circumstances we could ever face.
I’m thankful for the good choices I’ve made and even the bad ones because I’ve learned from them. As a life and success coach, I love helping people calculate their choices to get what they want and deserve in life too.