Mayor Julian McTizic
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Mayor Julian McTizic: S.O. What! Success Story

How often do you meet people who impress you? Not just with their accomplishments but equally with their humility and kindness. A few years ago I met the Mayor (Julian McTizic) of my original hometown, Bolivar, TN, at a restaurant.

Soon after that, I had an official meeting with him in his office. With the excitement that drew me in, he shared with me some of the amazing plans he had for the small town I thought I’d never consider living in again. The visiting family had been enough, but his amazing vision has changed that and is quickly improving the city.

But just as amazing as that, he showed me another reason why the citizens had elected him, this man who is nearly a decade younger than I am, as the mayor.

One Sunday a few weeks after my meeting with him in his office, I was in town visiting my 97-year-old grandmother who lived across the street from the new development he had shared with me. He had actually driven me around the area on a golf cart. 

I told my grandmother about what he had shown me and asked if she wanted to see it. When she said yes, I texted and asked if he could drive her around the area one day too. 

He responded right away and offered to come in an hour. 

Who does that? 

This humble, caring mayor is doing big things for his hometown. My hometown. – Mayor Julian McTizic

In this episode of S.O. What! Success Stories be reminded that age ain’t nothing but a number, and titles mean more with humility and heart.

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