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My Grandma is 101 and So Much Fun

Have you ever needed to pinch yourself because thought you might be dreaming? Be sure you read to the bottom to see the biggest reason I just did.

We’re halfway through International Women’s History Month, and I have to say, “Man, I feel like a woman!”.

I was able to kick off this month as the keynote speaker at Southwest Community College‘s 2nd Annual Crowns for Queens event for the second year in a row. Sometimes our crowns are dusty, broken, or even on the ground, but we (women and men) have the power to pick them up. In Guiding with Grit, Grace, and Guts, the S.O. What! message of resilience moved the audience to tears. More importantly, they were moved to action, and I’m so grateful!

And just yesterday I was the closing keynote speaker for the Southeastern Training Association 50th Anniversary conference. Chosen because of their women’s empowerment theme, I felt great having fun while sharing how the S.O. What! mindset overcomes even the toughest challenges.

Summer Owens speaking at the Southeastern Training Association 50th Anniversary conference

But the highlight of both presentations was featuring my 101-year-old grandmother!

On March 10th, we celebrated her with 101 Dalamatians-themed party with lots of friends, family, and her great and great great grandchildren dressed with dalmatian ears and tails. It was precious, and I’m grateful! 

Grateful for the opportunities I received this month. Grateful for the women in my life. And grateful for the woman that I am and am becoming.

What has International Women’s History Month meant to you?