Netisha Burnett

When I randomly met Netisha Burnett at a mutual friend’s house, I never would have imagined a few years later that she would play such a major role in my life.

After bringing me in to speak when she worked for Girls, Inc., she became my right hand helping me to finally get the S.O. What! Foundation off the ground. She helped me create the visions and mission documents, select the board, organize the workshops, find the students, and secure the summer camp leader.

When we received a grant for the S.T.E.P.-O.U.T. program and were able to fly the students to Washington, DC, Netisha was integral in planning and executing that life-changing trip for our amazing participants.

And she did all of this while working her job, serving in the Air Force, and doing the hardest job of all– being a single mom.

In this episode of S.O. What! Success Stories, be inspired by her story of being a single mom to not only her son but also the surprise responsibility she took on to support her family.   

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