Shout Out to Dads


In this past week, I came across two videos that made me smile…honestly, they almost made me cry.

We hear so often about all the men in the world who do not care for their children and the countless single mothers who struggle to raise their children alone.

I am one of them.

Over the 19 years of my son’s life, I was hurt when I saw men with their children. Sure, I was happy for those children and the mothers of those children. But I was so sad for my son. And as we got into the trying teenage years, I was sad for myself that I did not have a dad to love and discipline my son.  I have to admit, I have been jealous!

My own relationship with my father became strained when I really needed help with my son and he was unwilling, or perhaps unable to help me as we needed.

Now that my son is a father, especially to a daughter, I am proud when I see him happily changing diapers and feeding her. Making faces and talking to her. At four months, she knows his voice and looks for him. I pray that he will have the relationship with his daughter that every child deserves.

So when I saw this daddy dancing with his daughter and this one little girl rapping with her dad about “Kickin’ it My Dad”  , I was beyond moved.

So here’s to all the daddies out there who get it! All the daddies who love their kids, enjoy their kids, and know their kids truly need them.