Two weeks ago, I started a short series with a few tips to help us make the most of our summer “break”. This summer, this Summer  will hold Summer School with a focus on using this season to keep moving forward.
I last suggested The Purge: Get rid of things, thoughts, and people who bring you down or hold you back.
Today is….
Life check: Are you living your dreams or just living? Are you dwelling on what happened or what didn’t happen for you? Life is too short to just exist or to stay stuck on that messed up or unfair thing that’s holding you back. There are too many options and opportunities available to you.
Plus, the better choices you make and the smarter actions you take now, the more and better options you have. As a mentor and life coach, I’m excited to help my clients realize this every day.
Summer Owens Confidence Class-Waitlist
We do what we have to do, but we also make choices to put us in the position to do what we want to do. What are your dreams and aspirations? How would you like to spend your days and nights? It truly is possible to do the work you love and live the life you want. It’s all a matter of choices. Daily, weekly, monthly choices. That lead to beautiful options for you.
How are you spending your summer to help you be able to do what you want to do instead of just what you have to do?