Two weeks ago, I started a short series with a few tips to help us make the most of our summer “break”. This summer, this Summer  will hold Summer School with a focus on using this season to keep moving forward.
Last week, I focused on the Mid-year Reset: Getting your goals back on track.
Today is….
The Purge: Get rid of things, thoughts, and people who bring you down or hold you back. When you’re trying to catch up or get ahead, the last thing you need is anything weighing you down. Bad habits, self-doubt, or that negative friend…gotta go so that you can focus on yourself and your goals.
This may sound harsh, and it may be hard. But it’s necessary and gets easier the more you believe in yourself and your dreams. The more focused you are on achieving your goals, the less tolerance you have for people and things that waste your time or drain your energy.
Summer Owens Confidence Class-Waitlist
Although I don’t really like it when people say it, many people preface a conversation with me with, “I know you’re busy…”. It makes me question if I am always saying I’m busy or giving off a sign that maybe I’m too busy for people.
But it didn’t bother me for long.
They say, “Busy” but I what I hear is they know I don’t have time to waste.
I love people and live my life to help others, but I appreciate that people know that I don’t have time for or interest in gossip, lies, degrading, trivial or non-productive conversations or activities.
The purge is ongoing, but you are in control of who and what you allow into your life. And who and what you allow to stay and hold you back.
What in your life needs to take a backseat or a ride in a different direction so that you can get to the destination where you really want to be?