CEO Summer Owens

CEO Summer Owens Still Sounds Weird

I've been a full-time entrepreneur for over a decade (a boss all my life ), but it still feels weird seeing CEO tied to my name. Weird in a special, awesome way. I'm grateful for this acknowledgement and article about my journey! &nbs…
Dr. James Smith Jr.
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Unlocking the Power of Authenticity: Inspiring Interview with Dr. James Smith Jr.

Did you see my post where I spoke about how saying, “YES” can often lead you to amazing experiences? Well, saying yes can also lead you to awesome people, great opportunities, new friendships, incredible lessons, and new business! A…
Ed Robinson
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Ed Robinson: S.O. What! Success Story

When I attended my first Influence, the premier conference for professional speakers, I was excited and also intimidated. But I was immediately embraced. One of the incredible, experienced speakers who welcomed me was Ed Robinson, the Rainmaker.  Standing…
Karren Todd
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Dr. Karren Todd: S.O. What! Success Story

Who do you look up to? I’m grateful that there are several people I’ve observed and learned from over the years. This includes several women who look like me, who have modeled what I could and probably should be in many ways.  One…