Monique Williams
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Unleash Potential with Monique Williams: Attorney, Investor, Success Coach

“Most people have the appetite for success but don’t have the stomach for it.” Ouch! Those are just a few of the wise words I’ve heard from my friend, Sylvia Monique Williams. When I started my job as a Senior Marketing Specialist…
Summer Owens Day 5 10th anniversary countdown. Surround Yourself with Supportive Relationships.
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10-DAY 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY COUNTDOWN- DAY 5: Surround Yourself with Supportive Relationships

It’s Day 5 in my 10-day countdown to my 10th anniversary of my last day before becoming a full-time speaker and entrepreneur.  Today, we're diving into the importance of surrounding yourself with supportive relationships and building a…
Jermaine Swagerty
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Jermaine Swagerty S.O. What! Success Story

One thing in life that we all need is SUPPORT. And that comes in different forms from different people. It’s hurtful when it doesn’t come from where you expect it, but it’s beautiful and encouraging when it comes from unexpected places. When…
Len Hostetter
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From Custom Suits to College Hoodies: Len Hostetter S.O. What! Success Story

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be able to call my boss’s boss’s boss my true friend. He (Len Hostetter) was my VP at FedEx with a manager and a director in between us. But after I published my memoir, Len Hostetter…
Marvin White
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Leading the Support Group for the #1 Recruiting Class in the Country

You never know when relationships, big or small, will come full circle. As an undergraduate at the University of Memphis, I met Marvin White. We were both part of the Greek community, and his now wife was my soror.  Although we didn’t…
Marvin White
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I Did NOT Get Engaged This Valentine’s Day

I did NOT get engaged this Valentine's Day, but I did get engaged another Valentine's Day...and am single. I have spent my share of Valentine's Day alone and/or sad but no longer.