Summer Owens #44on22 birthday fundraiser
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Happy Birthday to Me #44on22

It's my #44on22 birthday! My 15th birthday changed my life forever. What happened on that day led me to becoming a mother, pregnant by someone I didn't know. Too many youth have been in similar situations or live in constant trauma. But…
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My Grandma is 101 and So Much Fun

Have you ever needed to pinch yourself because thought you might be dreaming? Be sure you read to the bottom to see the biggest reason I just did.We're halfway through International Women's History Month, and I have to say, "Man, I feel like…
Susanne Denton resilience example
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Supporting the Strong. How I Returned the Favor to a Friend.

This is Susanne. Super Strong Susanne. There is a small group of people who I credit with helping me to graduate from high school, supporting the strong girl I was, and becoming the woman and professional I am. Susanne is in that…