Susanne Denton resilience example
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Supporting the Strong. How I Returned the Favor to a Friend.

This is Susanne. Super Strong Susanne.
Susanne Denton resilience example

There is a small group of people who I credit with helping me to graduate from high school, supporting the strong girl I was, and becoming the woman and professional I am. Susanne is in that group.

You might remember her from my memoir as the volunteer coordinator at my mom’s job who encouraged me as a teen mom by sending me a card every month that I was pregnant.

She still gives me cards. Also my son and my grands. For Christmas and all of our birthdays which she remembers.

She had six kids of her own. One son died at 30 in a car accident and a second son died last Thanksgiving from cancer. She has lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren too, but she still loves me and mine.

Last month she lost her husband. Her first husband died when he was 28 when they had four children.

And Monday, August 8th was her 79th birthday. And I’m so blessed to have had the flexibility in my schedule to spend the week listening to and loving on her.

She is obviously a strong woman, and I count it as my privilege, obligation, and opportunity to return the love she have me during one of the hardest points in my life.
In what ways are you supporting the strong people in your life?