The Six Pillars of character education taught as part of the unique curriculum for high school and middle school students

Six Pillars of Character Education

In my post So What is Character Education, I began to explore character education. A group of experts and educators came together in 1992 to develop the six pillars of character education. These six pillars of education were designed to help…

The Importance of Literacy

The importance of literacy can't be stressed enough. On my lunch break for four years, I visited my mentee at the Adolescent Parenting Program. She complained about her relationship with her father and how he had no idea how she felt as a…
life skills taught to middle school students using the S.O. What! Literacy, Life Skills, and Character Education curriculum

So What are Life Skills and Why are They Important?

When I set out to write my memoir, my purpose was simply to help teen mothers with their lives. I wanted to share life skills to help them be successful in spite of being teen parents. Then many other people started reading it, and I realized…