How Sharing My Story Became a College Course

"Dreams Do Come True...Even the Ones You Didn't Even Know You Had."

Everything Comes Full Circle

Many times in life we wonder why certain things happen to us or why we meet certain people. And often, we don't think twice about some events or some people. But one thing I have seen over and over again in my life is that... Everything comes…

Use Your Refund to Get Ahead

This is an updated version of a post I wrote last year. As I hear about how people are using (or in some cases, wasting) their sometimes large income tax refunds, I felt compelled to share my story again about how I used tax time every year…

Love Yourself

If you read my last blog, then you read about my beautiful Valentine's Day proposal. I really hate spoiling the story for anyone who hasn't read my book, Life After Birth: A Memoir of Survival and Success as a Teenage Mother, but these two blog…

My S.O. What! Valentine's Day Proposal

Ignoring me, he got on one knee and grabbed my left my hand fully removing the big chocolate candy I was about to complain about him taking. It was actually a black ring box. My mouth dropped, and my heart started to beat out of my chest.

Time to Learn to Sew...Make a Stitch. Save Nine.

...ignoring it, pretending it didn't exist, thinking it wasn't as bad as I already knew it was, thinking it would fix itself, or just moving on to the next thing.

The S.O. What! Foundation presents Self-esteem, Sex, and Success was a huge SUCCESS!

Feels amazing to use time, talent, and even trials to transform the lives of others. This past Saturday, the S.O. What! Foundation hosted nearly 50 awesome teenagers at the Fogelman College of Business and Economics at the University of Memphis.…

Day 4 of 6 Days and 6 Awesome Events. Memphis Grizzlies Tip-off Luncheon.

Monday I had been to the National Civil Rights Freedom Awards, A Pink Affair, and the Elite Eleven Awards ceremony for the US Olympic Women's Boxing Trials when I got a call on Monday morning from my friend, Naomi, asking me to join her at the…