Summer shares her parenting tips for single parents from her experience in raising her son alone.
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Parenting Tips for Single Parents

Being a single parent comes with its unique challenges. And the parenting tips for single parents I picked up along the way, really helped me learn and grow in my role as a mother. My son Jaylan spent a lot of time with me at work. He had been…
Summer shares her experience with making sacrifices today so she can enjoy the benefits later.
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It’s Just Temporary

Making sacrifices today with a hope to reap the reward later can be hard. John Maxwell the leadership expert, coach and world-renowned speaker is quoted as saying, “You can pay now, and play later, or you can play now and pay later. But either…
Summer shares her keys to beating working-mom guilt
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The Key to Beating Working-Mom Guilt

There’s no doubt I had to work at beating working-mom guilt early in my career. My son had been part of my life through high school, college and even my MBA. One of my goals for my life, and his by extension, was to work hard so he could have…
Summer shares her essential time management tip for working moms
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A Must-Have Time Management Tip for Working Moms

When I decided to go back for my MBA, I didn’t realize how important this one time management tip for working moms would be. I was working my first career job and raising my son away from the support of family. As I kept achieving my goals,…
Summer shares how to do your part, and the blessings will come.
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Do your part and the blessings will come

If you’ve been following my story, you know I say to do your part often. In my case, that included working hard in college to get a good job after college. Shortly after I started my first job after college, I set myself a goal to buy a house.…
Summer shares her goal setting tips for new employees.
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3 Goal Setting Tips for New Employees

What happens after you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself? That is the question I will answer using in this goal setting tips blog post.  It will sound obvious, but many people miss this tip.  When you reach your goals, you…
Summer shares how to answer tough questions in the moment.
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How to Answer Tough Questions In the Moment

As a parent, you need to get ready to answer tough questions. Children keep life interesting because you never know what they’ll ask or when they will ask it. You can never truly tell what is going through their minds or what they are feeling.…
Summer shares how starting a new job is an opportunity to shine and create future opportunities.
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A Guide to Starting a New Job

The Memphis Grizzlies hired me for a temporary sales role though I was interested in marketing, I decided there’s a benefit to starting a new job with a goal in mind. My goal was to stay on with the Grizzlies and move to marketing at the end…
Summer shares the tips she used to deal with disappointment.
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How to Deal with Disappointment

lies when they moved to Memphis. Remembering that time now, I can’t believe how sad I was. But the beauty of a better opportunity at the Grizzlies wiped away the disappointment. The job at the Grizzlies was the dream job for a college grad,…