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A Middle Seat Message of Resilience

Long post, but makes me appreciate those times I get a middle seat. I fly often and right now Southwest is my preferred airline…unless I forget to checkin for my flight 24 hours in advance. I was busy with the #aflvcentral conference and completely forgot to checkin for my 8am flight the next morning. So […]

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Scarier than Ghosts and Goblins…

The scariest moment of my life was how and when I became a teen mother.  Almost equally scary (upsetting, embarrassing, devastating…) was when I learned that my teenager was about to become a father.  As Halloween approaches, I want to offer some tips for dealing with a situation much scarier than ghosts and goblins. Have […]

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My Two New Babies

Did you know that last Sunday was Grandparents Day? At 40 years old, I am in a pretty unique position. I still have two grandmothers in their 90’s. And I am a grandmother. Five-year old, Kailey and one of my new babies, six-week old Jordan. My life has been an interesting journey. Far from perfect. […]