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Scarier than Ghosts and Goblins…

The scariest moment of my life was how and when I became a teen mother.  Almost equally scary (upsetting, embarrassing, devastating…) was when I learned that my teenager was about to become a father.  As Halloween approaches, I want to offer some tips for dealing with a situation much scarier than ghosts and goblins. Have […]

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My Two New Babies

Did you know that last Sunday was Grandparents Day? At 40 years old, I am in a pretty unique position. I still have two grandmothers in their 90’s. And I am a grandmother. Five-year old, Kailey and one of my new babies, six-week old Jordan. My life has been an interesting journey. Far from perfect. […]

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40, Friends, Forever

When I was a little girl, I initially struggled with friendships. In the sixth grade, my class started the “I Hate Summer” club. Even a couple of girls who had been my friends were a part of the club that made talking to me or sitting with me at lunch a horrible thing. Eventually, the […]

The 12th Anniversary of One of My Biggest S.O. What!’s

Tonight I’m grateful because it is what would have been my 12th wedding anniversary. And I’m not sad about what could have been or what at one time I thought should have been. On June 9, 2007 I got married with doubts. There was love, but there was fear, hesitation, and concern. I still walked […]