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Well, at least…

Last week, I did a quick Periscope with my thoughts on perspective and said I’d write this blog because I had SO much to say about the topic. Tonight I talked to my son, and he said that all his father does is try to give him advice. I forgave his father for forcing himself […]

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There's a Stranger in My House

This Wednesday topped my adventures with squirrels at my house, but let me tell you why I wasn’t totally freaked out when I saw a squirrel’s tail hanging from my dryer vent. One winter morning two years ago just after Christmas, I came out of my bedroom into my living room headed to work. Perched […]

How I Survived My First Two Years as an Entrepreneur

Twice last year when my bank accounts were pretty close to zero, I was offered jobs. Big jobs with nice salaries. Never in my life had I been offered jobs that I had not even applied for. The money was enticing and even the jobs were positions that I would enjoy and could do well, but I respectfully declined…

This Year I Didn't Cry on My Birthday

People who read my first book know that On May 22, 1994…my birthday…a guy I didn’t know forced himself on me, and I got pregnant. Although I love my son dearly and joyfully celebrated his birthday each year on February 4th, my birthday always brought back painful memories and the realization of the very moment […]