Hannah Marcom
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Hannah Marcom’s S.O. What! Success Story

How well do you remember high school? What about the people in high school including the ones that weren’t necessarily your friends?

Well, I knew, and remember Hanna Marcom probably because she was on the basketball team, and she was “different”. She was friendly and cool, and so was I (I think). 

But we didn’t really talk. 

Until we started having class reunions. 5, 10, 15, 20, and now we’re both on the committee planning #25. 

It has been amazing getting to really know her, her story, her battle with breast cancer, and other challenges in her life.

Today, she is not the girl on the basketball team that was cool but different from me. She’s my friend and such an amazing person. In this episode of S.O. What! Success Stories check out my interview with a powerhouse and an amazing asset to this community.

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